sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009

Blake´s world

Dear all,
Last session we read and tried to understand the poem The Little black boy included in the Songs of Innocence (1789) by William Blake (1757-1827).

As many of you very well pointed out, the poem is full of biblical references, which were very prominent in Blake´s poetry.

According to Trejo (2007), Blake´s world was a unity inhabited by Man and God. Inspiration was a keystone in his poetry as opposed to rationality. But, there was no such thing as black and white in Blake´s world. On the contrary, oppositions such as present and past, eternity and instant, tangible and intangible, coexisted and transformed the understanding of Man in the world. More than oppositions, what Blake´s poetry offered was a binary system where everything was symmetrical. Thus, "I" for Blake was an entity which equated divinity. For Blake Man didn´t differentiate from God in that he is also eternal.

After reading the poem, which of the keystones in Blake´s poetry do you think are present in "The Little Black boy"? Post it on your blog in about 150 words, deadline Sunday 16.

Finally, as next session will be devoted to discussing Coleridge´s famous poem "Kubla Khan", please click on the following link..

Enjoy the reading!!

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